Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy New Year !

Chinese new year will coming.
i finished the year ending case on yesterday.
so i'm real high.
and....wanna do something for my friends.
long time no did the card.( when i young...i always got to work.)
r u received the mail....
or not..... i'm sorry! but it's okay~
there u can see.
and i real bless u "Happy New Year ", too.

Feb/02 .Sat
go to "Lin and Gina 's house" with Orange.
wow~ very thz for Gina ...u cooked many delicious food for us.
a rainy day but the nice day.

Feb/03 .Sun
i will back to my Dear country 436.
see u next year lo....Taipei~

i Wish 2008 ~
we all have more better than 2007.
more happy.
more health.
more lucky.
more money.
more shining.
more sunny.
no troublesome.

bye ~

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