Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dear Family

my Dear Yan Family.

we always laughed to life.
we need more happy.
and often go out to meet the Fresh air.
coz we always optimistic to be in life.
So....nothing can defeat us.
HAHAHA....was our faith

just now.

the fucking "Design" is trouble me.
i won't be a Designer yet.
sure!.....that's fucking sure .
i hate to do the project and it was low.
not professional, not sense of beauty,not specially.
and real like shit.....FUCKing shit.

i love Design.
but i just wanna keep it in my life.
just for me and dear u and u...
it's recently that i thinking.

but i still can laugh to life.
coz ...the Simple life let me happy.

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