Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your New Twin Sized Bed

to turn off my radio first.

Your New Twin Sized Bed / Death Cab For Cutie

You look so defeated lying there in your new twin size bed.
With a single pillow underneath your single head.
I guess you decided that that old queen holds more space than you would need.
Now it's in the alley behind your apartment with a sign that says it's free.

And I hope you have more luck with this than me.

You used to think that someone would come along.
And lay beside you in a space that they belong.
But the other side of the mattress and box springs stayed like new.
What's the point of holding onto what never gets used?

Other than to sit and desire for something new.

And I try not to worry, but you've got me terrified.
It's like your some kind of hurry to say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye.

You look so defeated lying there in your new twin size bed.
You look so defeated lying there in your new twin size bed.

hey yo~
enjoy that!
good nite.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coldplay -Viva La Vida

to turn off my radio first.

long time no see U~
long time no feel U.
U ....never alter.
still Cooool~

i real love ur Style.
can feeling more Vitality inside.
U let me Crazy again.
Crazy to listen the song.
repeat ~ repeat ~ and Repeat!

great night and song.
cheers ~

maybe we know that's our unvoiced pact.
U always know u no need to speak with me and disturb me.
and i also like that.
yeah~that's our
unvoiced pact right?!
see u next time.

hey ~ U see ...this's my number! 12:17


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Grocer's Son

i just saw the Country's Movie.
more about Family, humanness , and feeling~
U should go to see that !

看完 心情也跟著愉快起來
看到人類示出善意的那剎那 是令人感動的
那 就是



Monday, July 28, 2008

How many ?

到底 還有多少事情要作...
可不可以好單純 那麼單純

[ 施比受更有福 ] ?!他娘的 騙人的吧

那份責任本就不屬於我 熱臉命的笨蛋就是會去擔

好像可以在隨興一點 對自己好一點 笨一點
有些時候瀟灑一點 不在乎一點



不過 我真的真的恨死自己的熱臉命.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

i Love U

Oh ~~ my Dear Sunshine!
and Dear Summer Beach.
i'm really Love U.
when the Summer arrive. i like to hug U.
i know U will harm me ...
but i still love U.

this's Summer.
this's Love.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Love to Catch the Wind at Night.

the Summer night.
let me wanna do many actions.

1. go outside to catch the wind everynight.
2. drink more iced Beer or wine.
3. drive a moto to anywhere.
4. to run near riverbank.
5. hollow mind and listen more great Music.
6. raise my head to see the Moon and Star.
7. ......

many many many~
and tonight!
very thz of Rie.
she let me catch the wind on her moto at summer night
after we go have a meal.

really nice ! really great!
really love Tonight.


微風 明月 滿天星
步伐 乘車 夜遊行



Friday, July 18, 2008


sometime i need to get high.
sometime i need to quiet.
sometime ... sometime ~



Monday, July 14, 2008

in a Word.


也許 在你眼裡那只是一個逗點
但是 在某些人的認知那卻是一首七言絕句

即便是 本意非此

也許在我們脫口而出前衡量一下 那句話的力道是否超過負荷
傷害與戰爭 都可以轉變為 歡樂與和平

就是 語言
就是 溝通
就是 你 和 我


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Light wind of Summer night.

to turn off my radio first.

i like the Summer night.
real relax and cool.
i wanna go outside to catch a chill , listen the great Music and drink a Beer every night.

i love the quiet of night that i can feeling nice.
and hollow mind at anywhere.
r U feeling that ?

i wanna go outside now.
but i need to rest.
see ya !! Summer night~


Friday, July 11, 2008


Do u know?!
when i a child.
i always cried of the muscle got ache.

Right Now!!!
my feet are really ache ...too ache to wanna cry...
Oh my God~
crazy!! gal.
becouse ..
i walked long time today.
the Day off i real need to go outside or rest. more more more Fresh Air.
so i did!

crazy ~~
my body is crazy ache , crazy ache.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

my Simple Life , colorful Life!

how are u?
[ sure ~real fine ... i'm so happy! ]

they always asked me this question.
hey friends~i'm real love my life.
very busy and tired.but i'm real like it!
many new friends let me feeling something i never taste.
they don't know me.
but teach me how to live and how to make something better.
and we share our story to each other.
oh my new friends... "dear customer"
even i just gave them a cup of water.

my dad always don't know~
what i did? why i want ?
and why i left the Design or Visual effect ?
i can't plain to explain what i think.
but i can tell u .
i'm fucking happy to did this resolution.
it's a simple life!
a colorful life.
the Life to be just like Art.


i play the camera again.
....long time no play the film yet.
i want to take down my life!
to share with u.


be happy always.