Sunday, July 6, 2008

my Simple Life , colorful Life!

how are u?
[ sure ~real fine ... i'm so happy! ]

they always asked me this question.
hey friends~i'm real love my life.
very busy and tired.but i'm real like it!
many new friends let me feeling something i never taste.
they don't know me.
but teach me how to live and how to make something better.
and we share our story to each other.
oh my new friends... "dear customer"
even i just gave them a cup of water.

my dad always don't know~
what i did? why i want ?
and why i left the Design or Visual effect ?
i can't plain to explain what i think.
but i can tell u .
i'm fucking happy to did this resolution.
it's a simple life!
a colorful life.
the Life to be just like Art.


i play the camera again.
....long time no play the film yet.
i want to take down my life!
to share with u.


be happy always.

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