Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happiness ?

what is the "Happiness " ...?
how about u thinking!!?
have a lover?!
or ....just safe to get along ...day after day~~?

really hope anyone can easily to got the Happiness!
promise me ... okay?! Dear my Friends~~

am i a Happiness gal ?!
n~~~maybe ! yes~ maybe ...not!
many times..
i can easily let self to feel Happiness..
for ex :
*i just saw the Moon at night or drank a beer and listened the great Music.
*or i just ate the rice and soybean curd...
*always laugh to life~
why ...not?!

something....i hidden in my mind.
i dont like to cry for help..that's habit with me.
no need of ur help.... i will be fine~

anyway ~
i am happy!
happy to met u.
i wish we always can catch the "Happiness" in our mind...okay?! Dear~~

we will~

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