Saturday, November 29, 2008


my dear Austria guest : Dieter ( i always called him Dede) and Nadine

They always came to Tree Cafe had drank everyday.
They always knew my English was poor~and always taught me that about we talked.
They liked to drank the "Bloody Mary"cocktail ..but Tree Cafe dont had it!
so they bought the tomato juice and taught me how to made it .
i always knew when they were came.
and i always knew what they wanted~
when we saw to each other~
we always crazy to waved our hands and say : [ Hey~my Dear~]
always ~always ~
i always expect to met them.

we always talked about Movie , Music , Arts and Life~
sometime we talked about how to make the good person!

the weather was cold~
and they still drank!
than ~~they're stood up and "Danced"...
at the same time.
ha ha ha~i felt they're so cute!

Nadine came to shook my hands~led me to Danced~
i always think i'm not a good player~
coz when needed me high~i always couldn't high.
but no needed me crazy~i often crazy~

and tonight...oh my god!
i danced with them~
she's lovely to taught me how to Danced of cha-cha and waltz~
wonderful night~
lovely Nadine and Dede.
we're happy~
we're laughed~
and we're forgot the air was cold.

do u know~i'm really really nice to meet u!
my Dear Friends.
you're teach me so much~
and let me feel more happy there.

i will remember u forever.
my dear~


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