Thursday, November 6, 2008


::pic by Carol.

Happy...are you happy?!
Dede(my Austria guest) and many ppl always asked me the question.
actually~when something worry me and i still keep smile for them.
the day
a guy say:[ why u looks so happy~why~?]
i told him:[ coz my name is happy! haha ...ha ]
actually it's fucking Satire !!
when the same time...i'm really really down and fucking angry.
i can't let them to feel my bad mood ~yeah ~ it's my profession.
i wore a mask to live.
i'm so sorry with my name.

i talked with my sister in the morning~
get some bad news.
and... i don't know how can i do.
just call the phone for Mom ...
i drop the tears and hard to let mom to feeling...that i'm fucking happy.
i'm so sorry with my dear family.
always made dreams~
always change the plans~
always selfishly to be happy.
but! i never forgot all about my home.

Dear Mom~
u should take care by yourself!
especially ...your health.
often to meet Sunshine and free mind okay?!

i will back home soon.

maybe .. one day!
i will give up my dreams.
and back to reality.
when the dream
tend to more and more ugly.

be happy!

and Dear Carol~
Happy Birthday to you !



Jean Yan said...

I'm sorry to let you down..
I don't want to..
I hope you have the dream..
but not a daydream..
you can't just look at far far dream, and forget how to live..
We can have the dream,
but we need to face the facts,
so we can solve it! then,to catch the dream!
I beleive we can solve it!!
And I beleive we can be better,too.

Your call made her happy so much today.

Cathy said...

Don't worry,be happy~
Everything will be alright!!
Just be youself ,baby~

Anonymous said...

Because I know you.
Because you are Happy.
Because you have a dream.
No matter how far you have to go.
Just do it.
Never give up.
Happiness for life.