Thursday, November 6, 2008


::pic by Carol.

Happy...are you happy?!
Dede(my Austria guest) and many ppl always asked me the question.
actually~when something worry me and i still keep smile for them.
the day
a guy say:[ why u looks so happy~why~?]
i told him:[ coz my name is happy! haha ...ha ]
actually it's fucking Satire !!
when the same time...i'm really really down and fucking angry.
i can't let them to feel my bad mood ~yeah ~ it's my profession.
i wore a mask to live.
i'm so sorry with my name.

i talked with my sister in the morning~
get some bad news.
and... i don't know how can i do.
just call the phone for Mom ...
i drop the tears and hard to let mom to feeling...that i'm fucking happy.
i'm so sorry with my dear family.
always made dreams~
always change the plans~
always selfishly to be happy.
but! i never forgot all about my home.

Dear Mom~
u should take care by yourself!
especially ...your health.
often to meet Sunshine and free mind okay?!

i will back home soon.

maybe .. one day!
i will give up my dreams.
and back to reality.
when the dream
tend to more and more ugly.

be happy!

and Dear Carol~
Happy Birthday to you !

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