Saturday, November 15, 2008

Send me happy please !

after my off and...
Dede asked me:[ where were u yesterday? ]...haha~ i day off!
and i heard of my colleague they told me :
[ Dede came here and all the time to called:
(send me happy plz~ where is happy ?! called happy back to work! ) ]
Dede !! u are so cute! and sweet~

because i had many dear guests~
so i can happy to do the job.
they're gave me more power to live.

i also had nice team worker let me felt happy to busy!

we helped to each other.
and joked of the work.
and ~~~
somebody always crazy to do something!
let me laughed wildly... and ..don't know how to faced.
but i really admired of ur courage.
u always brave to faced that u like.... coz i can't !
anyway ~ thank you very much~ real~

and ~
everybody i love u ~
i love worked with u ~
i love played with u ~
and i love i worked at Tree cafe and knew u ~

we will fight with " Blues Bush "
are U ready ?
i'm ready! and expect to be a fucking busy's bartender.
see ya!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit.
I should call you Amazing Happy.
Because you r aways let everybody feel your enthusiasm.
So this send to Happy also send you happy~~