Sunday, November 30, 2008

When the Music stop.

Saturday night.
after the 50 ppl for children's birthday party.
am i tired?!
but ~i still want to catch something for my weekend.
the November end.

backed home and prepared the music~
than ~went to met with cold wind and air.
at the midnight.. the street had no ppl~
so i followed the song ..and i sang~
and i could closed my eyes to drove.
i drove to more and more far.
i didn't know when would i want to back?!
so ~i had a idea ~
when the Music stop...
and ~i would back.
don't worry about "When"..
just kept to drove.

it's my weekend.
my life!


1 comment:

Jean Yan said...

don't go home along,
or just listen to music,
that's so dangurous!!!