Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hey ~ listen it !

Sirens / Maximilian Hecker /One Day

seriously to listen the song~
are u listen the Guitar's perform?
i fucking like the Guitar's solo in the song.
and i will stop to do anything!
than ....to feel it~

i think u will ~u will like it!

from 02:31~~to the end!
the great Guitar's Solo was touch me.
actually!!! all of the times was great!

i think~ i falling the song.
it will let me feel that i'm live and strong.
how u feel~?!


listen it~
feeling it!
and ~
enjoy it.

the BACARDI with 7-up~was nice!
let me had some illusion front my eyes.

gd nite!
gd dream~



Anonymous said...

Love this song. Greetings from Vienna ;)

artUhappy? said...

welcome to here and enjoy my favorite music.