Friday, January 9, 2009

the Life in the Book.

i always took down with my life in the book.
and one day ~
Amy had some idea and we chatted about something about Tree Cafe.
we create a new idea together !
it's for every Tree cafe's ppl one Book to take down of Life~
hahahahah~~gd job!
i like it~
and i choose the Black one to begin the story of me.

Red is Amy
Black is Happy
Purple is Carol...but she change the cover!..the White one is.
Blue is Jerry
and Yellow is Yan

in my book.
i will took something about my story in the Right page.
and stay the Left page for U.
i'm the "Right", and U r the "Left"
u can write anything in my book.

i'm the Right forever.

this's my second book at Tree Cafe~
the frist one was Email contact's book.

we go outside to play ~to relax~and take the book together.
we drank ~we told ~ we hollow mind.
we wrote ~we draw ~ we keep it !
yes! i put some Life in there.
and They were also!

i love my Life with everybody.
i will collect more inside.


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