Thursday, January 22, 2009

to Change , to be Strong!

if something was stop and lose!
i think..i need to change something about actual state.
that will let me be a Strong's New One!
i believe it~and i always do it !

designed more...i'm tired!
thought more...i'm tired!
and....!@$%......i'm really tired!

i cut my fringe.
maybe tomorrow will change the color.
maybe after tomorrow will become shingle.

i'm bring back to life.

who am i ?!
i'm happy!

NOW  i'm Free~

← to turn off my radio first.

actually..i don't know what were he sang about!!
i just listened many times ~
all night until i waked up....and heard again.
i check what the number of times i listened it.
Wow~99 times


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