Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i dont have big" Might " ...now!!

i can hold my mood to work.
look likes ... ordinarily i did anything!
i just have little Might to keep all of me.
i can't help u to forget the down mood!
and i don't want to care it.
actually ~ i don't have the Might to care it.
only only ~~
Now!!! i just only can control mine.

so ~friends!
keep smile to work and keep sanguine to live.
and~~~plz don't influence to me!!

take care~
to be the best one.
and i will ,too.


Mar/03 09
mom moved to hospital Tonight!
and i called for her and mom said:
[ hey!! i just told to ur dad..("happy" will call me later.so i can't shut down the phone)
u see~~we're the "mother and daughter" ..and the Heart was
linked together hahaha ~]
yeah!!~we always like that!
if u were thinking~and i did or if i'm thinking !! and u did.

sweet dreams~ dear Mom and Dad! and Yan!
gd nite.

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