Friday, March 13, 2009

they are not Garbage!

i made it for Mag , was 03/11
2009 birthday present !
actually,it's a onions sack!
from Jerry bought them to Tree cafe...
when the sack was finish and 六妹 always asked me :[ happy!! u wanna keep it?]
Sure!!! it's lovely. i wanna keep it!!!
(actually ~~i already keep many..many different image's onion sack!!....thz!! Jerry and 六妹 )

and this !!
it's a pennant~from San Francisco's Beer(ANCHOR STEAM) at Blue bash 2008.
after the Party! the Pennant was a garbage.
nobady wanna keep it...but i wanted.
coz i saw it and at the same time...i had a idea~ [ i would let u be a Cool Bag! ]
u See~
it's fucking Cool Bag right?!
new products . new created . new Bag!

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it's fucking cool~

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