Friday, April 24, 2009

Can Fly , To Fly.

even i just slept.
also met u in my dream.
to let me angry,
to let me cried.
and then.....
let me scared to woke up.
let me cried to woke up.

oh ~~ my~ Fucking God!

in the fact!
the fight was finish.
we're finish.
my year trip was finish.
dad ..i'm back .ha~

coz that dream so i early to woke up and went to search"" what the Nightmare mean!! ""
heyhey~it's mean "" fucking good things will come~ ""
i will have a nice future!
Oh~~~~Yes ~~ Oh~~~YA~
so the Nightmare let me know ...
i can set my mind at ease ...then Fly~

i always dont worry about that.
i believe the wonderful life is mine ,
the beautiful future fallow my mind....
always !

by [ YashicaG / Electro35 ] = dear Dad's antique Camera

we can Fly ~ to Fly~
keep it!
Dear all~~~~u r my Super Team forever !



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get Away...and then ..Get Back!

i always knew " What i want? "
i need to do...
or....any about mine.
and u r not me.
u dont understand of my mind


Monday, April 13, 2009

Gina is my Star!

dear Gina
u r so cute ~~
on TV ..u always laughed..always say :[ 謝謝! ] ,[ 對阿對阿! ]
haha! the same of the ordinary
that i knew u.
and u danced very well.
keep smile always!
keep dance for life ! Baby ~

i like to see u r happy.
it will let me laughing and feeling more happy.
u r my Super Star!! Gina~
my dear " 1218Gina "

hey ~ Lin !!(haha,long time no see u !!!)
u know u have a super cute wife.
the happy wife is a Sunny Angle.
treasure ur lover.
promise me!!
to be a happiness couple forever ~!! okay ~~haha