Monday, April 13, 2009

Gina is my Star!

dear Gina
u r so cute ~~
on TV ..u always laughed..always say :[ 謝謝! ] ,[ 對阿對阿! ]
haha! the same of the ordinary
that i knew u.
and u danced very well.
keep smile always!
keep dance for life ! Baby ~

i like to see u r happy.
it will let me laughing and feeling more happy.
u r my Super Star!! Gina~
my dear " 1218Gina "

hey ~ Lin !!(haha,long time no see u !!!)
u know u have a super cute wife.
the happy wife is a Sunny Angle.
treasure ur lover.
promise me!!
to be a happiness couple forever ~!! okay ~~haha

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