Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to the real life

I dont know why...?!
About almost friends crazy to used Facebook or any online games.
maybe it's fucking magic.??!

Actually, only 24 hours of the day.
and u Can full into more than 12 hours of one day.

I deleted a few of mine on internet a while back.
because i want to back real.
to feel.. to touch...and to realize.
it's Simple and Real.
Clear and Happiness.

If u have too much times.
Plz get along with ur family ! or take a look at the nature world.!!

get away the crazy world.
try to move back.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Science / Being

Actually, being will be able to explain by science.

how to say?

ex : Scientist said that SPARK even had being before!

and now...without being there yet.

like this!

human being was the same.





然後血淚都蒸發了, 還給大氣層了

說穿了 人類不過就是千千萬萬個細胞分子組成
會像曾有生命進駐的火星一樣 再度被世代產生的怪物分解於氣層中
那個堪稱為地球的星球上 曾經存在過一種生物 叫做 : 人類

只是 你會再一次的問...



我 又是怎麼來的?