Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If we don't have tomorrow...

maybe we should to worry about " the end or doom "?!
The world was hate us now....he want to kill us.
An fearful infectious disease is happening...
Natural disaste is ready..
we ....will devour soon~

but ,Yanfamily was sanguine and happines forever.
we talked about when the end is come...and we would .....!@$!%$
and joke about self...
like~~~ buy "sleeping pills" for Yan...and before the calamity happen to eat this.
and we can die before misery together.
....then... we laughed ....
hahahhahaha~ we're carzy Yan!

if i have tomorrow
i will back home to join them.
if i don't have tomorrow...
i will back home to join them...NOW....

just have a wish.
i wanna die with Yanfamily at home in 436.
God promise me~plz

Be happy every time , everyday, everywhere ~
my dear all~

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