Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shut up !

The noise from the Women at office.
Plz....if u feel tired~
Can u Shut ur big mouth up!!!!! ??
or u can stop ur wok and then ...back home ! okay?!

I really dont like the ppl keep a complaint ..then still did it.
...felt so B~A~D~ on it! so~~always Cry~cry cry~
did u know? ~
u already make me feel so ~~~~~suffocation.

SHUT UP ~~~Please.

凸 Noisily



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HaPpy BirThdAy To VIRUS No.6 . 2009

They come from my sweet Country.

ppl called them "
VIRUS No.6 "
who played street games.

about Fashion,Graffiti,Music,Dance~ and more......
They were free style Arist

was bron at 1219.2007
to coincide with me....hoho ~ i'm 1217
hello~ buddy!

i hope u always Powerful.
always keep the Free to create the great.

and i will.

Happy Birthday to
VIRUS No.6 for 3 years old.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Freedom is never out of stylel

前天晚  我看見CoCo Chanel 提到的幾句迷人的台詞

Fashion is not only about Clothe.
Fashion is in the Sky,is it in Street.


恩~我很喜歡 Coco 腦袋裡的想法 和行為的帥氣
還可以堅持自己 甚至突破世俗的保守風氣 創造新流行.

就像我從來不認為 身上一定要有個昂貴的logo才叫時尚
雖然迷人的Chanel 現今已成為世界最大的logo...但是...我相信coco會原諒我 
( 除非我中樂透,錢太多不知道怎麼花 )

細細感受那週遭空氣,時尚 其實就在我們的身邊
" Freedom is never out of style "

然後 我鬼臉遇到瓶頸了..
i'm sorry!
然後 為什麼幫我綁這~~麼帥氣的頭髮...
and Happy Birthday to U ,Carol~


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good deed. Good day!


we don't forget her !

i wanna do something for her.
even i hadn't saw her

Did u know ...that i could spent only NT.24 a day.
but i believe!
If i do something good deed , and i will have a lovely Day,too.

when we knew
and knew she needed some
Help .
I promise me...
if i have another income. i would contribute few for her.
( oh mom...don't worry ~~ i will contribute u ,too)

yes! i did yet.

To do good deeds that we can do.

To be happy forever!