Monday, February 22, 2010

U get out ~3M !!



便利貼 立細殺小,我混的是 自由 !


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 years.

info: toy Camera

How many 10 years do u have?
Today , I was talked about FAMILY, LIFE , Future with Jean.
And we know how to life be happy.
We keep fighting for MONEY of few years.
We always try to make our parents enjoy the Life happiness.

But time is money~
Maybe we have many 10 years! and mom?!
Who knows~!?!@%$
It's fact , We should face.



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long time ago ~

Haven't been to update the News 4 a long time.
Haven't been to watch movie 4 a long time.
Haven't been to speak
English with ppl 4 a long time.
Haven't been to order the film pic 4 a long time.
Haven't been to play a bick 4 a long time.
Haven't been to eat the 436 lovely foods 4 a long time.
long time~~~ long time~~ everything was long time no catch it ~~~~~~

But i learned another specialty technology when 2010 came.
Always...i thinking about that "what the technology haven't i to learn"?!
I have to learn more different knowledge.
I have to study that i can't.
To watch the different world.
To approach the unfamiliar ppl.

And a pretty bride throw the flower
then ...hit my head so i got the Wedding bouquet at 16.Jan 2010.....

info: toy Camera

and...Gina asked me ...
G: [
oh my god... you know whats that mean?]
H : [ 。。。。!?]
G : [
you have to get married with in 3years...or you cant get married forever!!!!! ]
H : [
FFF ....Forever~~!!!!!!OMFG!!~~i ]

ha! good night.
we will make the dream come true.
Happy New Year all~