Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Long Time No See~

there's my lovely city. 436清水.

Hey Friends~
I hadn't told u , about i left Taipei already ..... for one month.
Moved back to my sweet home.
I live at Lovely 436 , now.
It's a cool place! a beautiful city!

also have many friends play everywhere..when we have free.
and ~i still keep to do any create and work!
i ride a bike to take picture somewhere.
i took a stroll after dinner with my mom.

the country life was comfortable.
i enjoy the real simple life~

But sometime....
i really miss Taipei MRT
i miss my room and my friends.
and miss the midnight in TP.

for 7 years life in Taipei.
but i left home already 10 years.

it's time should back.
keep the time to live with my dear Yan family,

see u next time~
my dear TP and Friends.
and keep contact.
( i back to fb. .okay~.凸!!! )

Wish u always Health and Happy!
然後我英文真的退步好多咧.....Mr.English~don't go~

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